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We are your complete pawn shop resource here at Pronto Pawn Shop Midtown in Mobile AL! Problems seem to come when you least expect them. Pronto Pawn Midtown in Mobile, AL wants you to know that we give will give you the most for all your pawns. Pronto Pawn loves their customers! Our customers are the reason we are in business. We have a very large variety of products and services. Pronto Pawn will allow you to pawn just about anything. Below you can see some examples of items we constantly buy or allow you to pawn.

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Pronto Pawn Midtown in Mobile AL is your Electronics warehouse. Electronics we carry are: Stereo systems, TV's, Camera's, Computers, and much more! Come See Us!



Pronto Pawn Midtown, Your one stop connection for buying & selling guns. We carry many common manufacture's brand names. The process is very simple. Come in and let's make a deal!



Pronto Pawn Midtown has tons of tools! We have just about anything your looking for & it is probably cheaper here! Come take a peak. There are so many tools, you're bound to find it here!


Musical Instruments

Do you play or want to play an instrument? Pronto Pawn Midtown prides itself on our selection of musical instruments. Drop by & see our large selection today. Maybe we can make a deal!



Beautiful Jewelry!! Pronto Pawn Midtown has a lot of it! Got a special occassion coming up? Need a new watch? Come see our beautiful selection! Make us an offer!



Washer or Dryer gone out? looking for a good and reasonably priced replacement? We have many appliances to choose from.. Come by and check us out. We make deals all day, every day!

Pronto Pawn Shop Midtown is our newest location in Mobile AL. We love doing business with our customers? We not only take in pawns for quick cash, but we also have a large selection of items for sale. We also do check cashing. We are turly a full service pawn shop and we would love to handle all your pawn needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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Pawn Shops have been in existence for a very long time Click Here for the pawn shop history. Pawn shops are everywhere, & Pronto Pawn wants to be your trusted resource when you need extra cash.

Gold at the Pawn Shop.


Pronto Pawn Midtown in Mobile buys & sells Gold and Silver. Need some quick cash for your gold or silver? Come see us. Pronto Pawn in Mobile gives top dollar for gold and other precious metals.

Check cashing at the Pawn Shop.

Check Cashing

Just got off work? Need your check cashed? Pronto Pawn Midtown has got you covered! It is a simple process & only requires a drivers license. Come by & see us today!

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Do you know how much your item is worth if you pawned it? Get a quote today! All Quotes are approximate. Pronto Pawn Midtown must see the item before we can give you a firm quotation.


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